Web App Development

Rich-functionality websites with characteristics of mobile or desktop software

About 90% of my career is connected with the development and maintenance of web-based SaaS solutions.
The applications are related to the following fields — medicine, construction, beauty products, CMS-like solutions for bridal boutiques, hosting management solutions, CRMs.

I use time-proven, robust frameworks and tools, including the most modern ones.

I can always help with advice on picking the most optimal framework for your project. It's free of charge.


As a rule, a modern web application would be split at least into 2 separate projects — one covering back-end (API Gateway), the other is for the front-end.

API gateways I build are based on GraphQL. I can also build a classic REST API.

As far as front-end, there are the following options:

  • SPA (single-page application) frameworks — Angular, React, Vue
  • server-side rendering solutions based on the aforementioned SPA frameworks — Angular Universal, Scully, Next.js, Nuxt

As far as back-end (API Gateway) I would recommend ASP.NET Core or a Python-based framework like Django or Flask.


The front-end of a web app can be built using SPA frameworks. The key benefit of this technology is that it significantly reduces server load.

When a user visits such a website — the server doesn't render pages. Instead, a minified bundle containing scripts and resources is downloaded.

User's browser is entirely responsible for rendering website's content.

Angular brings component-based architecture. Being based on TypeScript makes it reliable in terms of better tooling and cleaner code. Developed by Google.

An excellent fit for large enterprise apps due to scalability and module-oriented design.

Used by Gmail, PayPal, Forbes, Microsoft, Samsung.

React is a highly flexible component-based library for creating simple, scalable and fast web applications. Developed by Facebook.

An excellent fit for small and medium projects.

Used by Dropbox, Instagram, Airbnb, Discord, Pinterest, Skype.

Vue is a very performant, simple, component-based framework. It combines many useful features of React and Angular.

A good fit for all types of projects — from small to large.

Used by Zoom, Grammarly, Behance, Netlify, GitLab, Alibaba Group.

Web apps normally have landing pages. These pages require maximum SEO in order for the app to appear in search results.

This is where server-side rendering solutions can help tremendously.

Landing, as a normal separate website, can be created using the frameworks listed on the Website Development page.

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